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My name is Mille Wienberg Reynolds, and WR Design is my online portfolio where I showcase all of my work. I’ve spent the majority of my time as a freelancer for companies where I’ve provided elegant digital solutions. I’m a former tattoo artist who has decided to digitalise my creative mind. I have a BA in Web Development and have always designed and implemented my own projects.

Obsessive attention to detail and rationalism are key components in all of my projects.

Love from my clients.

I have taken some shorts statements of the recommendations written by my clients.

Johanne Prahl

Mille possesses a unique combination of very in-depth understanding of UX while having a keen interest in complex underlying data structures. It has made her workforce very valuable for a small workplace with a complicated data need like Scenit.

Kajsa Wienberg

Mille is a very nice person who is always smiling and has a good sense of humor.

Oliver J.

Mille is quickly perceptive, wants to take responsibility and is very much able to work independently - even with complex tasks.